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Hate U Give - HELA 9: Home


What insights does this novel generate concerning TOPIC? Does it open any new perspectives or explain any inconsistencies? Use your research to defend your argument/compare and contrast.

Sources Needed for Evidence


  • The Hate U Give 
  • Current Event Article (database)
  • Multiple Popular Culture References (in your life)
    • Could be Instagram, a show, a song -- You will have to explain what the photo is in your paper (commentary will need to be included in your NoodleTools)


    •    Finding Your Voice
    •    True Friendship
    •    Power of Language
    •    Stereotypes as Weapons
    •    Community & Loyalty
    •    Poverty & Crime

    •    Family Dynamics
    •    Injustice and/or Social Action


Databases/Current Events

Pop Culture






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