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Major Olympian Greek Gods, Goddesses, and Titans


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Greek Gods Project Directions


Step 1:  Start by taking this personality quiz to find out which Greek god/goddess you are most like. 

NOTE:  This is a SILLY QUIZ.  Do not be offended with whatever god/goddess you get. 

Which Greek God/Goddess are you? Personality quiz (Links to an external site.)

Step 2:  After you find your God/Goddess from the quiz above, use these links to find out about them: (You will want to take notes on the information you learn in the links. This will help you out with step 3.) (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)


Step 3: Choose ONE of the following projects to complete with the information you've learned about your god/goddess:

  • Create a playlist of songs related to your god/goddess. These songs must be connected to the information you learned about your god/goddess.  You will need a minimum of 10 songs.  You must include the song title, artist, and a description of why that song connects to your god/goddess.  You may use a program or an app of your choice to show these details. You will turn in your playlist and song explanations to your teacher.
  • Create an original myth. The god/goddess you are most like should be your main character.  You should use details from the information you learned about your god/goddess to create a story.  Myths often explain how something was created or explain how gods connected to each other.  You may use a program or app of your choice to write your myth. You will submit your myth to your teacher.
  • Draw a comic strip about your god/goddess and tell their story through art. Your comic strip must have a minimum of 10 frames.   You should use details from the information you learned about your god/goddess to create this comic strip.  You can use paper/pencil and take a screen shot to send to your teacher or you can use a program/app (such as Toontastic in app store) to create your comic strip and turn in to your teacher.
  • Pretend you are your Greek god/goddess. You now find yourself in Kansas City TODAY and must start a business based on your skills to support yourself in today's society. You should use details from the information you learned about your god/goddess to come up with a business connected to your god/goddess. First, your business needs a name and a logo.  Then, you need an advertisement: write a script for a television commercial OR create a magazine advertisement for your god/goddess’ business.  You can use paper or program/app of your choice. You will turn in your name, logo, and ad to your teacher.

Step 4: Turn in your completed project through Canvas. 

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