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Palm-Leaf Books



Palm leaf books are the traditional book form of India, Indonesia, and Southeast Asia. Their long narrow shape comes from shape of the palm leaf. The leaves have one, two, or three holes and are strung together on a cord. Knots, rings, beads, or coins at each end of the cord keep the book together.

Learning Targets

  1. Use your textbook, Lesson 18, The Achievements of the Gupta Empire, pages 193-203, databases, and online resources to design a palm-leaf book featuring three achievements of the Gupta Empire.
  2. Your Palm-Leaf book must contain a cover with a title and illustration, and an introduction page introducing the Gupta Empire and the focus of your palm-leaf book.
  3. Your book will also include three main pages ( three achievements) that include a paragraph that describes the place you visited and the information you learned about the achievement.
  4. The palm-leaf book will will have a conclusion page that summarizes your main points and emphasizes why these achievements define the period during the Gupta Empire as a "golden age."
  5. Include visuals in your book illustrating the achievements or geographic setting.
  6. Add any other creative and decorative touches to make the book more realistic and interesting. 


Palm Leaf Book

Another Palm Leaf Book

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