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Health and Quality Resources: Home


Use the handouts provided at the table along with the links found on this page.  Let us know if you have any questions.



Additional Info

Station 1

Locate two articles on the table. Take 5 minutes to quickly scan and skim each article.  List 5 facts that stood out related to finding quality health information online.

Station 2

Watch the provided video and then view the handouts on the page.

What are three things you can do to locate quality resources for your health class?


Click here if the link does not open.

Station 3

Evaluate the three provided websites.  Rank the websites using the provided rubric (#1 the best, #3 not as good).  Explain why each website deserves the ranking. 

Station 4

Answer the questions on your handout using the links provided below. 

What is a database?  A library database provides access to many newspapers and magazines specific to your classwork.  The database provides various viewpoints and a variety of sources. We have several databases to choose from - some are specific to a content area while others provide LOTS of topics.

Informational searches on our databases for Nutrition or Healthy Foods:

Opposing Viewpoints (database)

Healthy Food - Google Search(database)

Now, let's look at a controversial topic, Health Care Reform.

SIRS Researcher (database)

Google Search



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