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Use the handouts provided at the table along with the links found on this page.  Let us know if you have any questions.



Additional Info

Station 1

Locate two articles on the table. Take 5 minutes to quickly scan and skim each article.  List 5 facts that stood out related to finding quality health information online.

Station 2

Watch the provided video and then view the handouts on the page.

What are three things you can do to locate quality resources for your health class?


Video #1 Link

Video #1




Click here if the link does not open.

Station 3

Evaluate the three provided websites.  Rank the websites using the provided rubric (#1 the best, #3 not as good).  Explain why each website deserves the ranking. 

Station 4

Answer the questions on your handout using the links provided below. 

What is a database?  A library database provides access to many newspapers and magazines specific to your classwork.  The database provides various viewpoints and a variety of sources. We have several databases to choose from - some are specific to a content area while others provide LOTS of topics.

Informational searches on our databases for Nutrition or Healthy Foods:

Opposing Viewpoints (database)

Healthy Food - Google Search(database)

Now, let's look at a controversial topic, Health Care Reform.

SIRS Researcher (database)

Google Search



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