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Electromagnetic Waves Project: Home

8th Grade Science

Essential Question & Standard

Question: How do devices use waves? Why is it important?

Standard: Develop and use a model to describe that waves are reflected, absorbed, or transmitted through various materials.





Waves to Choose From

  • Radio
  • Micro
  • Infrared
  • Visible light
  • Ultraviolet (UV) rays
  • X-Rays
  • Gamma Rays
  • Sound
  • Ocean Waves



Your Task

Research, create and present a project on one wave that interests you AND is used by a technological device to transmit and capture information and energy.

Your presentation must include the following:

  1. Why the use of the waves and the device is important to us?
  2. What real-world problem does it solve?


Research: Why is the use of waves and the device important to us? What real-world problem does it solve?

  1. Use the links provided, plus find one additional resource to research your wave.
  2. Create a citation list of your sources.