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Research / Primary Sources

Searching Tips!

  • Search using the Key Terms provided. 
  • Read articles about the events you have selected to help you determine decide on the primary source. 
  • Try different search terms, including words that might be uncommon today but common during the period you're researching.
  • Look for "Related Topics", Cited sources or other events the author refers to in their article to lead you to more search terms. 
  • Think outside the box - use census data, photos, speeches, etc. 

Key Ideas

  • Voting - Literacy Tests 
  • Red Lining
  • Housing / Real Estate / Lending 
  • Tulsa Race Riots
  • GI Bill Discrimination 
  • Plessy vs. Ferguson 
  • Labor Union Discrimination 
  • School Segregation / Higher Education Restrictions 
  • Wage Gap / Wage Disparity 
  • Tuskegee Airmen
  • Professional degrees by race 


  • Voting - Voter Suppression 
  • Chain Gangs - cheap labor 
  • North West Innocence Project 
  • Central Park 5 
  • Mandatory Minimum Sentencing 
  • Representation in police forces 
  • School - Prison Pipeline 
  • Emmett Till
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