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Book Trailer Project: Home

Creating a Book Trailer

Create a unique book trailer for your fiction/nonfiction book. Your book trailer will supply basic background information and entice your audience to read the book for themselves. A good book trailer is no shorter than 90 (one and a half minutes) seconds and no longer than 180 seconds (three minutes). In order to create this project, you can use any technology you wish. 

Assignment, Planning Template and Story Board


Your Project Should Include

  1. A hook to pique your audience's interest ( make us want to finish your trailer)
  2. Author and title of book
  3. Brief summary of the book (don't give away too much)
  4. One or two quotes from your book (these should be exciting, funny or interesting)
  5. Description of the setting
  6. A "cliffhanger" element: a question to spark curiosity
  7. Credits for images and audio

Explanation of Book Trailer Project

Book Trailer Sharing

If I have your permission, I would like to share these videos with our ELA teachers and display on our LMS library site to promote reading. If not, no worries...

If you would like, I will also share these with the other BV middle school librarians to share in their buildings. 

Have fun with this project! Email me with any questions you might have.