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Podcasts - Identity Interview: Home

How does adversity and environment affect identity?


BIG question: How did your childhood influence your identity today?

  • Specifically, is there a story or event or set of events that impacted your identity today.


Digital Citizenship

Use music that has copyright permissions. 

Have consent from your interviewee to publish your recording/interview online for others to hear. 


Recording Your Podcast

 1. Open Blue Valley Self Service App  and install the Audacity Application. You will use this application to record your podcast. 

Before starting your recording, completely close all other applications so that Audacity has full operation of your computer resources. This will prevent skipping, dropping of audio and jumps in recording. 

Recording someone in another state or at a distance because of COVID? Use Zencastr!


Record a few sample clips to check your sound and playback. This will help decide how far away from the computer everyone needs to sit and how loudly each person needs to speak. 

Rehearse your questions before your interview. 

Think of your interview as more of a conversation/story-telling session. This will make it come across less stiff. 


Use music from the following sources to be sure that you have been granted copyright permissions to use the music in your podcasts. Don't forget to give proper attribution to the artist/group whose music you are using. 

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