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Organ Trail: Home

Exporting a works cited page

Day 3 (11/16 & 11/17), Researching/Notecards

Day 2 (Nov 12/13), Finding Resources

Day 2 assignment: Finding resources (that answer the 7 questions on the right→) and entering them into NoodleTools.  Minimum 2 resources, one must come from databases.

*The tab "RESOURCES" above will be helpful along with this instructional video.

Day 1 (Nov 10/11), Introduction and Setup

Reminder: before the end of the day you must have selected your organ and created and shared your NoodleTools project.

Assignment Guidelines

Research task:  find those attributes of your organ that make it crucial to the survival of the entire body (copied from Canvas assignment)

1. What major bodily process/function does your organ participate in?

2. What types of cells and tissues make up your organ?

3. How do the cells within your organ communicate (communication) with each other?

4. How do materials pass between cells within your organ?

5. What would happen to the human body if your organ malfunctioned?

6. How does the function of your organ support the body’s overall health and vitality?

7. How does your organ work with other organs and systems to promote survival?