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Digital Citizenship Thoughts

Locate credible sources (look for an author, date, title)

Find info from more than one source to verify

No Wikipedia (Not for academic research)

Avoid stereotypes/generalizations (see #1 above)


What is culture?

Culture can be said to be those customs, values, beliefs, traditions, and institutions that create and mediate individual, community, and national identity. This shared social knowledge, which is transmitted through generations, is defined by both broad forces (such as history, economics, and religion) and by elements of everyday life (such as dress, food, family life, and celebrations). Definition provided by Culturegrams 2020

Steps for the Blog Post

Once you locate your artifact, you will create a video displaying your artifact and providing details.  This video will be posted on Blogger.

To create your video, utilize Canvas Studio.  View the video below to see all the steps to record and embed your video in your blog post.  



When looking for information outside the databases, please note the website author and credibility.  

World Culture Encyclopedia 


Google Arts & Culture

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