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Adobe Spark - All Things: Home

Uploading to Adobe Spark

Uploading your PDF Document

The PDF will need to change to an image file.

1.  Open your document in Preview.

2.  Go to File > Export.

3. Change the FORMAT to jpg or png.

4.  Save the file to your computer.

5.  Go into Adobe Spark and choose the + button.

6.  Choose Photo.

7. Grab the photo (former pdf document) and place on the page.

Uploading your Video

Your video will need to be placed in YouTube or created in Adobe Spark Video.  Once you have done that, grab the video link.

1.  Click the + button and choose video.

2. Paste the video link into the box.

3.  Click Save.

The video should appear.  To preview the video on the page, go to the top of the Adobe Spark Page and click Preview.


Convert pdf to image


Submitting to Canvas

See the video for specific directions.

To submit your assignment, you will need to share the web page.

It provides a link.  Copy this link into your Canvas assignment.


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