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Immigration - Pictorial: Home

Steps in the Process

1.  Locate information about immigration in the United States from 1860 to 1900.  Use the links to the right.

2.  Create a story of an immigrant's journey during this time.  Transportation, shelter, locations, workplace, etc.

3.  Locate photographs from the links provided.  These photographs should "show" the journey.  SAVE the images to your Google Drive to later include in Tourbuilder.  (You cannot copy/paste images in Tourbuilder.)

4.  Plan your tour determining locations, etc.  

See box below for directions about how to turn into Canvas.


Need help finding an article?

Here are a couple to get started --

Immigration Article

U.S. Immigration 1880-1925

Visual Journey

Google Tour Builder

  • Use your BV email account to use Tour Builder.
  • Choose Create Tour.
  • Give your tour a name and provide your first name as the author.
  • It defaults to the introduction.  

Turn in - Canvas

  1. Click SHARE in the top, right corner.
  2. A box appears.  Click CHANGE.

  3. Change from Private to Public.

  4. Click SAVE.
  5. Now copy the link.
  6. Go into Canvas and locate the assignment.
  7. Paste the link into the assignment submission area.

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