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Blogging with Google Sites: Home

Digital Citizenship Thoughts

 Create quality work.  This blog is available online, so represent yourself well.

Be aware of what information you are posting.  Refrain from posting your location, phone number, birth date, and other specific information.

Be ethical users of images. This includes searching in Google Images.  Find the original location of the image and see if you have permission.  View the list of sites provided by the librarians for copyright-free images.  


Directions for Setting up a Blog

1.  Go to Google Sites. Click here for a direct link.  Make sure you are logged in with your BV email address and password and not a personal Gmail account.

2.  Click the + sign in the bottom, left corner.

3. Your website should appear ready for you to edit.

A. Provide a title of the page
B. Name the website



3. Since we are setting this site up like a blog (but not exactly), please click on the tabs to continue setting up the blog site.

Click Themes located on the left side tab.  Choose a theme that works for you.  You can change a theme at any time.  In this area, you can also change colors and font styles.


When you hover over the banner image, two options appear.

Change Header: Upload an image to this location.

Change Header Type: Change the layout of the header.  (I suggest avoiding the "Cover" option as it takes up a lot of space and requires a lot of scrolling.)

Create a Post

1. Go to the right sidebar and choose Pages. See image below - C.

2.  Each day/post will be a new page.  For this first page, click the + button at the bottom.

3.  Name the blog post page by the designated name provided by your teacher. Click Done.

Your page should appear in the right sidebar.

Notice the page also appears on the navigation bar at the top of the website.

4. Now click the Insert tab on the right sidebar.

*Under layout, you can adjust how text and images are placed on the page.  



Click the Publish button.

Place your web page address in the next box.  See the example in the image below.

Change who can view the site by clicking MANAGE (see above box).

Once you click Manage, options appear.  Click Publish By drop-down arrow and change to Anyone with the Link.  This allows your teacher to view the link.

Share the Blog Link

To share the blog link, click on the Publish button drop-down arrow. See the image below.

Click View Published Site from the menu.


Images for Your Blog

Make Designs

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