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Social Studies PD : PLC Visit 9/24/15

Notes from Last Meeting



-Going well! 

-Using comments section 

-Students utilizing the organizational aspects of NoodleTools without guidance (!!!!)

-Annotated bib worked well

-Utilize track changes (aka-suggesting in Google Docs)


-First semester-differentiating between primary and secondary sources, using provided evidence to support an already established thesis

-Second semester-Set up HS NoodleTools-practice using citations and using notecards; paraphrasing

***AP Geo will build on this


-Students generator their own thesis

-Students find their own sources to support the thesis

*** Added a NoodleTools final product

Makerspace Resources

Button Maker

Green Screen

Green Screen Suits

3D Printer 

Arduino/Raspberry Pi Programming Kits



Cricut Machine (fancy paper cutter)

Scrapbooking supplies

More to come!