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Spanish 3.5 Environmental Science PSA: Home


Situation: You and two friends work for an environmental awareness organization and you want to spread the word about the importance of taking care of the environment.  The three of you decide to produce and air a public service announcement to persuade others to care for the environment as well.  In your 60-90 second PSA you:

  • use visuals and/or backgrounds to engage the viewers,
  • include accurate information about what you are promoting,
  • use the subjunctive to share your opinions and/or make suggestions to improve the planet’s current condition,

  • educate the viewers about what will happen if they don’t follow your suggestions,
  • have on screen dialogue for a minimum of 15 seconds total (15 seconds/person)
  • give credit to others (sources) that helped you complete the PSA.


Vertical Video Syndrome

Dogwood Alliance