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Market Research

Assignment Files

1.  Highlight the topics that sound interesting to you.

2.  Do "research LITE" on three of those topics and fill out the graphic organizer (we mean basic Google searches, Wikipedia, etc!)

3.  Show Mrs. McCrossen your selected topics and rankings.

4.  Complete your PITCH for your assigned topic (you may use Google for the pitch, although you may find the databases below to be very helpful!  Make sure to be brief)



USING Canva:

1.  Create an account if you do not already have one (write down the email address and password you choose)

2.  Find templates:  choose a FREE poster, infographic, etc.

3.  Create a visual that will represent your pitch (this is not something to be read.  Graphic will be displayed behind you while you PITCH)

-use minimal words (no full sentences)

-think "propaganda" are PITCHING this idea to the class, convince us we want to join you

-research based (remember, your peers may not know anything about the topic



1.  select "Download" (top right)

2.  Choose "PDF"

3.  This will download into your Downloads folder unless otherwise specified (make sure to also save it into your student folder)

4.  Print to LMC_HPCLM_652