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Slaughterhouse V-Response to Howard W. Campbell (page 128-131)

1.     Read the excerpt from Slaughterhouse Five by Howard W. Campbell .  He has written a report

about the American poor, the way Americans feel about the poor, and about the way the U.S. military treats  its soldiers. 

2.     Highlight the lines you believe to be discussion points. These lines are italicized in the excerpt.

In the space below write the lines with which you want to prove or disprove.




3.     Only after you have researched a bit are you able to take a position.  Just taking a position without evidence is not credible. For example, Campbell takes the position that American is the richest country in the world and has the most poor.  Is this true?  Was it true in 1945 when he wrote it.  

4.     Write a two page response double-spaced (12 point font).

  5. Be sure to cite your support for facts.  Internally cite and use MLA style for your works cited.

You do not have to have a separate page for the works cited.

Your paper is due by Wednesday/Thursday (December5/6).  It is worth 30 points. 



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