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Religious Movements Project: Home

Assignment Files

Turn in your assignment here:

Assignment Details

Directions: You and your partner must pick one of the religious movements from above and present a 5-8 minute presentation. The presentation should include the following:

  • History of movement
  • Leaders
  • Beliefs
  • Uniqueness
  • Examples from members and their actions with the movement
  • Visual clarity of the movement
  • Equal speaking by both members of the group
  • Any relevant information needed

 You must only use one sheet of paper when presenting the information. No reading from computer or word for word you from notes. It should feel like you are teaching the class.

Useful Programs

Haiku Deck - on computer and iPad

Prezi - on computer and iPad

Chatterpiz - iPad

Sock Puppets - iPad

iMovie (and Green Screen) - iPad

Explain Everything - iPad

Book Creator - iPad

GarageBand - iPad

Nearpod - iPad

Educreations - iPad