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Psychoactive Substance PSA


You will create a Public Service Announcement (video) about a particular substance (that you will choose from a list).  You will research the substance (using at least 3 credible sources) for your information.  You must include your sources used as part of the credits at the end of the video.  The video only needs to be between 1 minute and 4 minutes, and needs to include the information below.  The video will be saved in your student folder, and also in the “Resource” folder for Alexander on the BVSW Network.  You can use iMovie, MovieMaker, Animoto, or any other program you want to create your video.  The librarians and Mr. Alexander can help you learn how to do this if you do not know how already.  Include the information below in a way that makes sense in your video.  Remember, the point of the video is to inform the public about that substance.

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