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1. Create a plan.  (See assignment sheet).

2. Plan and gather information.  Determine the different techniques you will use for your video.

3. Locate images, video, and music from the list below or create your own.  *Must work within public domain images/music or create your own media.

4. Put it all together into iMovie (Mac), Adobe Premiere (PC), or the fabulous new, Jaycut.

5. Include credits at the end noting where you found your images and music.

6.  Publish your movie.  (See directions.)


We are publishing the videos online.  Please use public domain images and music from the links below.  Remember, try different search terms and keywords to bring up a variety of images.  


Creative - Best one!  Search Flickr and other sites all at one time!

Music/Sound Effects

username: bvsw password: library

Jon Roberts
Anthony Kozar *Note, not all music is public domain on this site - double-check the copyright for each song. See Mrs. Bolton or Mrs. Munson for help.
Public Domain Music*The LMC also has a large collection of CD's with royalty free music and sound effects.
CDs- the library has a lot of public domain cd's available at the circulation desk.

Images -- You must include a link back to the site with your image. - You must include a link back to the site with your image.
PhotoExpress (requires a login to download)
From home, go to Creativecommons.organd click Search. Click the two boxes to the right and put in your search term. It will search Flickr for public domain images.

United (see passwords page for the specific password)
Britannica (see passwords page for the specific password)

Your Librarians