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Assignment Sheet

MLA Citations

Assignment Information

Your script and documentary should include the following:

  • Family background (What type of socio-economic situation did he come from?)
  • Formal education (Where did he go to school? what degrees does he have?)
  • Pre-Presidential political experience. (What level of politics did he get started in and how varied was his experience?)
  • What were the major issues he campaigned on?
  • What did he accomplish as a president?
  • What were some negatives about his presidency?
  • What is your opinion of him?
  • Was his presidency a success or a failure and why?

The paper should:

  • Be written in MLA Style, including parenthetical citations
  • Include 4 different sources
  • Be written in 12 point font
  • Have 1 inch margins
  • Be double-spaced
  • Include a works cited sources
  • Be 2 to 3 pages of long

Web Sources

Helpful Databases: