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Nuestra Casa (Lindberg): Home

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Assignment Description

Congratulations! /¡Felicidades! You have been chosen out of hundreds of candidates to host the Spanish version of House Hunter’s International since you speak Spanish! You will be trying to sell the Smith family of four on one home in a Spanish-speaking country. You have an unlimited budget but it does need to accommodate the couple (Elena and Michael) and their two teenage children (Sara and Chad) and come fully furnished.

In order to make the family want to buy the home you will describe it in rich detail and choose 3 of your favorite rooms or amenities of the home, and how the family can utilize them. For example, Sara and Chad can swim and relax in the large outdoor pool. Or the kitchen is perfect for Michael and Elena to cook and prepare meals. Finally, you will also describe what furniture is included in the home so they can settle in immediately.

  • Choose a Spanish-speaking country (your choice)!
  • Describe the house and its rooms/amenities and furnishings with rich details.
  • Describe how at least 3 of your favorite rooms can be utilized by all or one of the members of the family (television appropriate of course). Be creative! Remember the same activities / items will not be in every room.

Project due by: May 12th – end of class.  10% will be deducted from projects turned in late. 

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