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A New Gilded Age: Home

Assignment Files


-Argue in support of or against the assertion that the United States is experiencing a new Gilded Age

-MLA Formatted paper

-MLA Formatted Works Cited page

Research Submission

To submit your research you have two different options:

Option 1 (PPT files):  Save notecards in Mrs. Chopp's folder in the Resource Drive (there is a folder there called Leochner.hour2)

Option 2 (Google Docs):  Click share > make sure the link is "public" > copy the shared link to your Google Doc in the form below.

Research Databases

Use the following databases to find your other research articles. Be sure to record the Document URL and MLA citation for each article.

ABC Clio


Research databases
Limit Your Results

SIRS Researcher

Global Issues

Opposing Viewpoints