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AVID Research - Jr.: Home

Library Schedule

Thursday, April 4: Pre-work activities (1&2&infogrid)

Monday, April 8:  Pre-work activities, cont'd

Tuesday, April 9:  Finish and submit Infogrid (this is where you make topic selection)

Thursday, April 11 (block):  Analyze prompt, search terms

Thursday, April 11 (block):  Looking at resources, research

 Friday, April 12:  Research

 Monday, April 15: Research

Thursday, April 18: Note cards

Friday, April 19: Paraphrase, Summary & Synthesis

Thursday, April 25: NOTE CARDS DUE TODAY! (beginning of class)


Friday, April 26:


Various events, conflicts, and issues were central to the development and publicity of your topic. In an analytical essay, discuss one more more of these that appear to have been very important to your topic.


Note Cards


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