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Johnson County Culture: Home

Assignment Guidelines


Your group will now create a video over a sub group at BVSW.  Examples of sub groups include: Athletes, debate, band, gamers, and many others.

You will produce a video that uses the same criteria as your Johnson County project. [see below]

 Your video should include interviews of people in the sub group you choose and an interview of someone outside of that group offering their perspective of the sub group.

Have fun with this and make sure that your video is not informative, entertaining and school appropriate..

This will be due August 29th

In a small group use the criteria in the definition of culture to describe the culture of southern Johnson County.  Find images to represent the following criteria and create a presentation that provides a brief explanation of how the image fits with the idea. You can choose any method of presentation.

  • Language
  • Beliefs
  • Values
  • Norms
  • Behaviors
  • Material Objects