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Imperialism Mini Units: Home

Your task:

Create a Google Site including the following: 

a. Objectives (3 for each section): Major ideas that you want the class to get out of the section

Use words such as Understand, Describe, Discuss, Compare/Contrast, etc

b. Vocabulary terms- people, places, things

c. Outline

d. Timeline

e. Political cartoon with explanation

f.      Multiple choice quiz (5 multiple choice questions [a-d] and 5 matching questions)

g.     Brief podcast review that explains your topic relative to America’s involvement.

This quiz will be created on Quizlet.  The quiz must be emailed to Ms. Hogan at

Sample Google Site

Click here to view an example.

Some Tips:

Embedding your Quizlet

1. Check that you are in editing mode.

2. Go to Insert and More Gadgets.

3. Search for "Embed Gadget". 

4. Copy and paste the embed code from your Quizlet quiz.

Editing Themes, Fonts, and Colors

1. Click on "More" and then "Manage Site".

2. Click on "Themes, Colors, and Fonts" on the lower left of the site. 

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