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Holocaust Newspaper Project: Home

Website Checklist

  1. Website created
  2. 10 or more events represented in a timeline
  3. 3 articles linked and analyzed
  4. Thoughtful curation communicating the answer to our essential question

Assignment Information

The big idea question your group is tasked with answering today is:

How much did Americans know about the Holocaust before the end of the war?

To answer this question, your task is the following: 

1. LEARN: Visit the History Unfolded website: and begin step 1: Learn (this is the only step you are completing on the site). You will read 10 of these events as part of your Holocaust information gathering. Then you will create a website as a group and place your 10 events (or more!) on a timeline of events leading up to the "Final Solution". Your goal for day one is to finish placing your events on the timeline and crafting your website.


2. RESEARCH: Day 2 and beyond: Use the library database page provided by the librarians to research and find your own newspaper article from an American newspaper that fits somewhere on your timeline created in step 1. Once you have found an article you will link to it on your website. You will need to cite this article on your website, along with your analysis in step 3. You will need to find THREE articles and ANALYZE them.  


3. ANALYZE: Read your chosen newspaper article and prepare an analysis answering the following:


Historical Context: What else is occurring during World War II at the time of the article? Has the United States joined the war yet? Who is winning the war at the time of the article? 


Intended Audience: Who was the article written for? Who is intended to read it? 


Point of View: What is the author's bias? 


Purpose: Why is the author writing this story? Why is it chosen to be included in the newspaper by the editor? 


***** Your article analysis will be included on your website, as well as your answer to the big idea question: How much did Americans know about the Holocaust before the end of the war?

History Vault

Resources from History Vault: These collections contains specific primary source documents for pre-WWII, during WWII, and post-WWII. 


Options for creating your website

Choose one of the website tools (or another one if you have a preference! Check with your teacher!). 

Website tips:

1. Give your website a name that makes sense for your project (not your name).

2. DO NOT include your name on the website please.

3. CITE everything. Use only copyright free images.

4. Consider the user in your design. How will visitors to your site browse through your site?