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Heroism Project: Home

How to Use Photostory

How to Save!

When you want to save and continue working.

When you are ready to submit!


Your task:

Create a Photostory Essay (a pictoral essay narrated by you from the information you have researched). 


* Answers to ALL questions

* At least EIGHT images

* Narration performed by you using a script

* Separate MLA works cited page including document sources AND image sources

(See your handout for more specific information.)

Submitting your photostory

You will need to turn your Photostory in to Mr. Zuckerman's Inbox. 

Here's how:

1. Change your file name to this format LastnameHour. For example, my photostory would be saved as Hogan5.

2. Save under: Computer<Resources<Teachers<Zuckerman<Inbox. 

IMPORTANT! This is a network drive and cannot be accessed at home. You will need to save your project AND ALL THE ATTACHED FILES (sound, pictures) if you want to work on it outisde of school. 

You may download Photostory for use at home here: Download