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Gilded Age Crocodocs: Home


Choose the political cartoons your group would like to respond to. Be sure to use your name and follow the guidelines for good Crocodocs etiquette.

Things to Identify

  • Objects or people in the cartoon
  • Cartoon captions
  • 3 words or phrases used by the cartoonist
  • Objects that are symbols
  • Significant words or phrases in the cartoon
  • Adjectives that describe emotions 
  • determine the general time period your cartoon pertains to.  Also, identify the event or issue your cartoon addresses and provide information to establish historical context.
  • note the significance of each item of the cartoon within the Gilded Age/Progressive Era.
  • Identify which of the following have been used by the artist:
    • Caricature:  changing or distorting a person's features in a way that makes the person recognizable
    • Exaggeration:  overemphasizing an event or situation
    • Stereotyping:  showing all persons of the same group looking and acting the same
    • Satire:  Using wit and ridicule to make fun of something that seems wrong


Supporting Documents