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Genetic Article Poster Assignment: Home

Background Info:

Humans have long altered the genes of organisms through selective breeding (e.g. cattle, dogs, corn).  Recently, however, advances in our understanding of DNA have enabled us to modify organisms by directly altering the genes of these organisms, a technique called genetic engineering.  The rapid advances in genetic engineering have brought about great possibilities for ways to combat world hunger, malnutrition, illness, and infertility.  With these advances, though, have come great ethical questions about how much we should manipulate DNA, or whether we should manipulate it at all.  


Assignment Information

You will create a poster with information about a current (2010 – present) topic in genetic engineering. 

  1. Find an article about genetic engineering (no two people can have the same article, so check with your teacher before you decide!)
  2. You should summarize the article.
  3. Provide an explanation about the topic that the article relates to (ex. Cloning, stem cells, GMO’s, etc.)
  • You should include at least 3 sources cited in MLA format in a bibliography and included on your poster. One of your sources should be your article.
  1. Identify at least 5 words to define in your glossary section. (One of the words CANNOT be the topic!)
  2. Include an opinion section that explains your thoughts and addresses specific ethical issues related to your article.
  3. Provide at least 5 relevant pictures.
  4. Complete the peer reflection page during presentations. 

Image Links


Use the following links to find images to use. You may also take your own photos and use them.

Photos for Class  Search for copyright free images AND it cites it for you.

Creative Commons Great search engine to search Flickr, Google Images, and more for images you can use.

NYPL Digital Images - free (somewhat historical) images that have been digitized from the New York Public Library

Photo Pin Easy search system, lots of interesting images.

FlickRiver Searches Flickr for images. Easy browsing system.

Wikipedia List of Public Domain Sources Links to a lot of GREAT collections of images you are free to use. Lots of subject specific collections.

American Memory Project Place to find historical images to use.