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Gatsby Geography: Home

Assignment Information:

Social Hierarchies in The Great Gatsby

  • “Classy” Wealthy --Fitzgerald’s Old Money (East Egg)
  • “Tacky” Wealthy --Fitzgerald’s New Money (West Egg)
  • “Struggling in Poverty” --Fitzgerald’s No Money (Valley of Ashes)


Criteria for Collage:

Step 1:  Cut a piece of butcher paper that is exactly 24” x 36”

Step 2:  Trace one of the four versions of the map onto the butcher paper

Step 3:  Label West Egg, East Egg, The Valley of Ashes, and Long Island Sound 

Step 4:  Neatly color the map 

Step 5:  Locate and print a minimum of 10 images (30 total) for West Egg, East Egg, and The Valley of Ashes

Step 6:  Glue the images to the map

Step 7: Write each group member’s name on the back of the map

Pick at least 10 images from the list below to represent each social class

  • Products
  • Places
  • Clothes
  • Jewelry
  • Vehicles
  • Food
  • Homes  
  • Home furnishings; electronics  
  • Music
  • Pets
  • Vacations
  • Jobs
  • Restaurants
  • Cultural perspectives
  • Cultural values
  • Hangouts & Hot Spots
  • Hobbies & activities
  • Other ideas? Run them by your teacher!