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Narrative: Step by Step

Experimenting with Narrative_Step by Step

1.Outline a Short Story in Seven Steps: follow this link to review the crucial elements of plot

2.            Print the Short Story Template; complete and submit for approval on Friday, April 7th


3.            Type your rough draft, using MLA formatting. Include a title and print a hard copy for peer editing on Wednesday, April 12th


4.            Revise and edit your story; create your book cover. Submit final printed draft and book cover on Tuesday, April 18th


Book Covers 101

Helpful Links

Documents for this project:

  • Experimenting with Narrative_Written Response
  • Experimenting with Narrative_Book Cover
  • Experimenting with Narrative_Rubric
  • Experimenting with Narrative_Peer Edit


The resources for The Things They Carried Unit are also in the folder. 

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