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Assignment Files

Project Submission

Adobe Spark

You may use Adobe Spark on the computer or iPads. Be sure to use a username and password you will remember. YOU WILL NEED TO VERIFY YOUR EMAIL BEFORE YOU BEGIN!!!


When you are ready to save, click Share. Then, COPY and PASTE the PUBLIC link on the share link above. 


Your group (pair) will randomly select one of the 15 topics to research.  You will have time in class to investigate your topic using online resources and the iPad. You and your partner should gather articles and background information during the time provided in class.  Once you have your information gathered, you will create a presentation of your information using Adobe Spark.  Your presentation should explain what the environmental problem is, how humans have contributed to the problem and should then present some solutions.  Please be sure to refer to the rubric.  You and your partner will be presenting this to the class.

Searching in Science