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Research Demographics

Start by researching other demographic surveys. 

Possible search terms:

  • election demographic survey
  • demographic survey questions
  • election survey demographics

In this project, you will work in groups to research demographic surveys and choose demographic groups to include in a survey of eligible voters.  You will create the survey in google forms.


  1.  Research demographic survey questions including the wording of the questions.
  2. Identify demographic groups you want to include in your survey and discuss the importance of each group in the electorate.
  3. Come up with 10-15 questions for your survey.
  4. Create the survey using google forms.
  5. Each group member will send out the link to the survey with the goal of getting a minimum of 25 responses each.
  6. You will turn in a printed page of google responses on____________________.

Assignment Information:

Blue Valley Library Media | Blue Valley School District #229 | Overland Park, KS 66223