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Comer en familia: Home

Assignment Information

You are introducing yourself to your new classmates this semester.  Using visuals, describe your family in detail, what you and they like to normally eat and what you eat on special occasions, such as your birthday or large family gatherings.

Note:  You will be preparing a project in the library on the IPads using Adobe Voice. You will be using an app to create a power-point and you will add your voice to the power point for the descriptions.  We will be in the library on Wednesday, Feb 17th and (if needed) Friday Feb. 19th.  You will have one day in class on Tuesday, Feb 16th to find visuals for your power point, prepare and practice.  We will watch these in class the following week.

You will need

  • Maximum of five slides – no words, pictures or images only
  • Maximum of 2 minutes speaking
  • A note card with 1-2 words per slide ready for your recording.  No complete sentences allowed.  You may NOT write out an entire script to just read.  Be creative.
  • You must drop it in the teacher drop box by the end of the class Friday, Feb 19th.


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