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Butting In vs. Joining In: Home

Assignment Sheet


Butting In vs. Joining in Comics


Number of Panels:  5 point

                  4+ panels = 5 points

                  3 or less = 3 or less points


Partner Work: 10 Points

·       Each partner must be “in control” for one version (butting in/joining in)

·       Both partners must be on task and engaged at all times with their partner, not with other groups


Originality of Story line: 5 points


Design of Comic: 5 points

·       Must create one original character

·       Manipulate Scene in at least one way


Discussion: 5 points

·       Both partners must participate in leading discussion

·       Prior to showing “joining in” – must lead group discussion about what went wrong and ask for ideas of how to fix it. 

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