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Chemistry Research Project: Home


Please submit your notecards to Ms. Hogan's inbox on the resource drive MONDAY. Juniors, who are not in class, may email the notecards to .

Project Calendar



In Class goal


Day 1

(Wed  5/14):


Ms Hogan will share how to research as a scientist and use resources to decide on 3-5 broad topics of interest


Day 2

(Thurs 5/15):


Discuss requirements, examples, and plan for your lab experiment.

Choose the topic of study that will guide your research.

Day 3

(Fri 5/16):


Finish your notecards including at least 5 meaningful facts that helped you generate your question for the experiment.

Complete the Google Doc Here!!

Choose the question that you will use to drive your experiment. 

Notecards Due Monday!

Day 4

(Mon 5/19):

Experimental Design

Choose your independent and dependent variables.   Write a rough draft of steps 1-7 of “Experimental Design” include at least three ways to manipulate your variables AND multiple trials.

Complete the Google Form Here!!

Finish your rough draft of the experimental design for your lab.

Day 5

(Tues 5/20)

Peer edits

Feedback from three peers AND  your teacher.   Fill out feedback for you and others!

·       Make changes to your experimental design as needed.

·       Bring supplies for your lab

Day 6

(Wed 5/21) or (Thurs 5/22):

Run the lab

Collect data and write an analysis and conclusion.


Day 7

(Fri 5/23):

Create poster

Create your poster (or finish lab if needed).  Include all requirements from the rubric on the poster.  If you worked with a partner, you both need to be knowledgeable on all aspects of the project.

Finish poster and prepare for the presentation on Tuesday

Day 8

(Tues 5/27):


Present your project. 


Day 9

(Finals Day):


Finish presentations, if needed.  Project/Partner and teach evaluations. 

End of year celebration.