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Marketing Cereal Box and Commercial: Home

Assignment Files

Making your 3D Object

Consider the following for your 3D object:

  • Size - create something that will fit inside the cereal box without taking up too much space
  • Design - limit overhangs as much as possible, consider the 45 degree rule, how does this design relate to your advertisement?
  • Color  - we only have a few colors of filament. Your design is limited to one color - however, you can print it white and color it.
  • Solid or pieces? - Will your design print better as one piece or multiple pieces? We have hot glue guns or you can design your toy to be put together.

You may use Tinkercad or AutoCAD to design your toy. 

Making your Commercial

Here is a list of apps that may be helpful in completing your project:

  • iMovie
  • Garageband
  • StopMotion
  • Green Screen

We have:

  • Green Screens
  • Green Screen suits
  • Sets of different lenses
  • Tripods
  • Whiteboards
  • Lots of other stuff! Just ask!

3D Toy Design

Please submit your file here.