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Assignment Sheet

Assignment Information

Imagine you are either a pro-slavery settler or abolitionist rushing into Kansas in 1854.  The Kansas-Nebraska act has just been signed and you play a critical role in persuading others to join your cause.  Using propaganda is an effective way to bring other’s attention to your cause.  By creating an informational brochure about your ideology and purpose, attempt to persuade as many Kansas citizens to join as possible. 

This brochure must include the following to receive full points:

40 points possible  

5=Layout and Design                                      10=Completion                                                 25=Information                               



  • A Title Page listing the side you will be representing as well as who it is created by

Within the Brochure:

  • Describe each of the groups represented in detail (4 for Pro-Southern/3 for Pro-Northern)
  • Pick the major leaders of one or more of these with a brief bio and their impact on the Border/Civil War
  • Tactics used by these groups
  • The groups purpose for using these tactics on the enemy (What were they fighting for)
  • Equipment certain groups used that may or may not have given them an advantage  



  • Cite the sources used to research
  • Short summation of how the Border War has affected the life you live today  

This brochure must be created in Microsoft Publisher and use the tri-fold brochure option.  

Must also include:

Color, Headings (Titles), at least 5 historical pictures/graphics

and be completed by beginning of class Tuesday, October 2nd.

Irregular Units of Pro-Southern Fighters               Units of Pro-Northern Fighters

1) Guerrillas                                                         1)  Jayhawks

2) Border Ruffians                                                 2)  Redlegs

3) Partisan Rangers                                               3)  Lane's Brigade

4) Bushwhackers