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What is historical fiction?

The important thing about historical fiction is...IT'S ALL ABOUT THE STORY!

Here are a few different types to think about...

  • Events happening before the author was born
  • A novel written a long time ago, that is now historical because so much time has passed
  • An author telling about his/her own life (and they're "old" enough to be considered historical)
  • Time travel!

Life: An Exploded Diagram

Imagine meeting the boy/girl of your dreams, planning your life together, and then...

The Berling Boxing Club

Sample books from today

Cuban Missile Crisis: 

  • Life: An Exploded Diagram by Mal Peet
  • Countdown by Deborah Wiles
  • This Means War by Ellen Wittlinger

Japanese Interment Camps:

  • When the Emperor was Divine by Julia Otsuka
  • Take What you Can Carry by Kevin C. Pyle

Post WWI:

  • Small Acts of Amazing Courage by Gloria Whelan

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The Book Thief

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