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HCA II Argumentative Research Paper: Week One: Group Research Project

Group Topic List

Doping in sports

Cell phone abuse

Obesity in America

School shootings

Violence in the media

Research Plan

Group Research

Jan. 10/11: Intro to topics, getting started, and research process overview 

Jan. 12: Article evaluation and develop thesis

Jan. 14: LMC Evaluating outside sources

Jan. 15: Paraphrasing/Notecards

Jan. 16/17: Group research and notecards; lesson on outlining

Jan. 18: Continue working on outlines

Jan. 23/24: Finish outlines, Begin individual research

Individual Research

Jan. 25: Research new topics

Jan. 28/29: Research

Jan. 30/31: Finish Research/Work on Note Cards

Feb. 1: Finish NC/Works Cited

Feb. 4 & 5: Work on/Finish final Outlines

Topics for Individual Research




School Shootings 

Beauty Pageants 

Doping in Sports 

Athletes’ Pay 

Head Injuries 


Employment in America