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Need to access these resources from home?  You can!  Go to the main library page and click the Passwords button.  Type in the password located in your student planner on page 21.  You should then see all passwords to all the resources.


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ABC-Clio - Government, Geography, World History and U.S. History resources including primary, secondary sources. Cites articles for you!

Britannica Academic - An encyclopedia that includes images, video, as well as a ton of information on just about anything. Cites articles for you!
Contemporary Literary Criticism - Provides analysis from experts in literature.
CultureGrams - As in the name, CultureGrams provides information about each country. It also provides images and other multimedia.
Ebooks/GVRL - Nonfiction, research-type books available to you! No more searching for a specific volume on the library shelves; now available from your computer. Cites articles for you!
Facts on File Science - Science Online provides an overview of science concepts; it includes diagrams, images, and biographies. Today's Science provides up to date information in science with current news articles.
Galenet/LRC - Similar to the Contemporary Literary Criticism database, Galenet provides literary criticism from experts in literature. If you have an author or work dated before 1900, you will want to start your research with Galenet. Cites the articles for you as well!
Global Issues - Search for information about a particular issue. Look up information about a specific country. Provides newspapers, magazines, podcasts, vodcasts, images and other interesting sources for your research. Cites the articles for you!
KC Star Archives - Search ProQuest (see below) for Kansas City Star newspaper archives. Cites the articles for you!
Opposing Viewpoints - Articles with Pro and Con Viewpoints along with statistical information and maps. Cites the articles for you!
Pop Culture - Decade information from the 20th Century. Includes primary sources such as images, journals, posters, and much more!
Powersearch - Search multiple databases at one time!
ProQuest - Provides access to over 5,000 magazines, newspapers and scholarly journals. Cites the articles for you!
SIRS Researcher - Like Opposing Viewpoints, SIRS takes today's controversial topics and provides a portal of magazines and newspapers articles.
TERC - Testing and Education Reference Center gives access to Advanced Placement practice tests and handbooks, ACT and SAT practice tests, and career information.
U.S. History in Context - Search for primary and secondary sources related to United States History. Cites the sources for you!
WorldBook - An encyclopedia with articles, images, and multimedia. Cites the articles for you!
World History - Search for primary and secondary sources related to World History. Cites the sources for you!

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