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Advanced Acting: Theatre Eras Research Project

Learning Targets

  • I can conduct a research project using credible sources.
  • I can cite my sources correctly in MLA 8 format.
  • I can accurately explain the role of my given occupation in the time period I was assigned.

Google Drive


Monday & Tuesday, 4/9-4/10: Research

1. The assignment is introduced in the library.

2. Students will create a Noodletools account.  Next, one student will create a Noodletools project and share it with his/her group members to organize sources for their presentation.

3. One student in each group will make a copy of the Google notes and share it with his/her group members.

4. Begin researching using the theatre websites, databases, and print sources.

5. Notes should be finalized by the end of the hour, 4/10

Wednesday/Thursday, 4/11&4/12: Create Presentation

1. One of your group members will create a new Google Slide and share it with his/her group members.

2. Add your information in an interesting and informative way.  Use little text.  When you present, you should not be reading directly from your presentation.

3. Add extra interesting elements to your presentation.

Friday, 4/13: Submit your presentation

1. Finalize your presentation.  Check for any spelling/grammar errors.

2. Add your Works Cited page to the last slide of your Google Slides by exporting them from Noodletools.

3. Submit your final Google Slides link to Canvas.

4. Presentation should be submitted by the end of the hour, 4/13