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AP World Travel Guide: Home



For your AP World final project, you will plan an international travel experience! This is a very open-ended project designed to be fun, and maybe someday you'll actually be able to take this trip! 

You can choose to focus your visit in one country, or spread out your visit across several countries.

 You will present your trip using Google Earth. Have fun! Be creative! This will make it more fun for you and more fun to grade.


Items to Include in your Travel Plan (Required) 

Cost: Flights, hotels, transportation

Historical Context: Brief timeline of the history of your chosen country

Political Context: Current political situation of your chosen country (government structure, current crises/controversies)

Cultural Context: Elements of culture you are likely to experience (including language, customs, traditions, food, music, religion, arts and literature) 

Tourist Destinations: Must-see sites to visit (at least 5), including their historical significance 


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