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Westward Expansion: Home

Learning Targets

12.2 Miners & Ranchers

•       Analyzes the impact of inflation or deflation on the value of money and people’s purchasing power (e.g., cattle towns, mining towns)

12.3 Railroads Open The West

•       Explain the impact of the railroad on the settlement and development of the West

12.4 Indian Wars Shatter Tribal Cultures

•       Describe the reasons for tension between the American Indians and the US government over land in Kansas.

•       Explain the American Indians’ reactions to encroachment on their lands (e.g., Chief Joseph, Helen Hunt Jackson, Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull, Geronimo, Sand Creek,, Little Big Horn, and Wounded Knee)

12.5 Settling the Great Plains

•       Use primary source documents to determine the challenges faced by settlers and their means of adaptations

12.6 Farmers Rise Up in Protest

•       Examine how human beings removed barriers to settlement by moving needed resources across the US 

Kansas History

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