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Genetically Modified Organisms Research: Home

Essential Question

Are genetically modified organisms beneficial?

(How do they impact the environment, medicine, and food consumption and/or production?)


Other terms to know:  transgenic, genetically engineered, GMO, biotechnology



Tuesday, 1/5:  Introduction in Science 

Wednesday, 1/6: Day 1 in Library (Review of assignment, bias, resources, Noodle Tools, research)

Thursday, 1/7: Research, take notes 

Friday, 1/8:  Research, take notes

Monday, 1/11:  Complete research, Outline of thesis and argument

Tuesday, 1/12:  Begin drafting

Wednesday, 1/13: Draft

Thursday, 1/14: Revise

Friday, 1/15: Final copy and works cited turned in


Map of Genetically Modified Food

Taking Notes (minimum of 10)

When taking notes, include evidence like statistics, quotes, experts, or reserach-based facts.

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