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Using Copyrighted Material: Home


Friday, 9/4--Introduce Plagiarism with video.  Students list 3 examples of Plagiarism.  Vocabulary--define and paraphrase.  Check definitions with copyright & Fair Use video. Introduce Public Domain.  Watch video and explore sites offering Public domain.  Insert a photograph, etc. and cite in Google Docs.

Tuesday, 9/8--Discuss fair use, watch examples to evaluate the works are protected by Fair Use.  

Wednesday, 9/9--Introduce Masher.  Watch Henry's story. Explain Mashup assignment with rubric.

Thursday, 9/10--Masher work; cite in Noodle Tools

Friday, 9/11--Mahser complete, Works Cited turned in

Learning Targets

  • I can identify the key points required for a creative work to fall under fair use.
  • I can judge whether or not the two case studies can be called fair use.
  • I understand the value of fair use by reworking and remixing copyrighted material in a collage or video.