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WWII Documentary: Home

Troxel, spring 2019


This assignment has THREE graded components:

1.  Research (graded through NoodleTools).  Must include multiple sources (at least one web & one database)

2.  Documentary script

3.  Documentary video


Day by Day Responsibilities

Day 1:  Create a NoodleTools project and share with partner(s) and "project inbox" (begin typing Troxel, hr and your class should appear)

Become acquainted with available resources

Begin research

Day 2/3: Continue Research

Begin previewing clips

Day 3/4: Write script

Day 5: Begin video

Day 6/7/8: Work on video edits, special effects, etc.



1.  Research your topic thoroughly

2.  Use NoodleTools to take notes and keep track of sources (project must be shared with teacher inbox)

3.  Preview the video clips available to your group (see folder icon below)

4.  Write script collaboratively with group in Google Docs (Notes must be finished before you begin writing because you will be using that information in your script)

5.  Begin creating video in iMovie by using video clips provided and any copyright free images, maps, special effects, etc. that will support your film

6.  Record narration directly into iMovie

7.  Add other background music and effects

8.  Include credits at beginning and end


10.  Make final edits

11.  Follow all directions for saving and submitting


Video Files

Database Resources

Export and Submission Directions

To export your trailer on your Macbook:

  1. Click "Share" button in the top right corner and choose "File"
  2. Click "Next"
  3. Name your project and save it to your desktop to make it easy to find.
  4. Your trailer is not fully exported until the circle next to the share button is fully filled in:   
  5. You will also get this message when your movie is done exporting:  

To submit your book trailer:

  1. Upload your project to ARC on Canvas
  2. Choose a Text entry and then click on the blue ARC button found above the text box
  3. Choose your project.  After it processes, click EMBED, and then hit SUBMIT.
  4. Your project is not submitted until you receive a SUBMISSION CONFIRMATION.