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Mystery Podcast: Home

Audio Dramatization Process


• Outline the story

• Identify key scenes and characters

• Compose script

• Choose any sound effects

• Practice the script


• Set up equipment (including anything needed for sound effects)

• Record the segment in short segments

• If working online, save often!


• Edit the audio as necessary

• If working online, add any additional music or sound effects

• Review the completed recording

• Publish or share the final piece

Day 1

1. Review Elements of a Horror/Mystery story.

2. Listen to a podcast that illustrates a mysterious/horror story.

3. Brainstorming short scary story ideas.

4. Free write.

5. Come to the next class with a short mysterious story to create into a podcast.

Day 2

1. Share out stories

2. WeVideo and Copyright Free Tools

3.Cite Music and sound effects.

4. Work on podcasts.


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