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Physics-Sports Safety & Performance: Project

Newton's first three laws of motion play a significant role in keeping us safe in our favorite activities.

Using Newton's Laws of motion, persuade audience to purchase sports equipment to improve safety and/or performance during physical activity.

1. Login to Noodle Tools  

2. Title- Last name, First Name-Hr-Selected Topic

Ex. Wayne, John-Hr1-Horseback Riding

3. Share with Project Inbox by typing Science teacher's last name and select the appropriate hour from the drop-down menu.

4. Research question: Using Newton's Laws of motion, explain how sports' equipment improve safety and/or performance during physical activity.

5. Cite at least 3 VALID sources --

Due by End of Class  5/11 (A Day) & 5/12 (B Day)

Textbook-->use ISBN & include chapter and pages--> How To Video

Database-->Copy & Paste the given citation--How To Video

Website-->Pull Information and plug into the correct fields--How To Video

6. At least 5 Note Cards

Due by End of Class 5/13 (A Day) & 5/14 (B Day)

Each note card needs a source attached

Notes related to the research questions

Notes paraphrased in your own words

Choose a sport or physical activity & Answer the following:

(2 Note Cards in NT)

1) Describe how Newton's 3 laws of motion play a role in your performance of your chosen activity/sport. Provide examples for each law.

2) How does friction affect the motion or the force involved throughout the activity?

Research Equipment:

(1 Notecard for Performance & 1 Notecard for Safety-at least one source cited)

1)What equipment is used to enhance performance?

a) What is the purpose of the equipment?

b) What laws of motion are involved when using the equipment?

c) What material is used to make the equipment? 

2)What equipment is used to enhance safety?

a) How does the equipment reduce force onto the body to increase safety?

b) What laws of motion are involved when using the equipment?

c) What material is used to make the equipment? 

Research ONE of the following:

(1 Notecard and at least once source)

A) Rules: What are the regulations (laws/rules) in place to ensure your safety during the activity? How or why did these regulations start?

B) Consumer Reports: Research three different brands for a chosen sport equipment. Which brand offers the superior performance and safety?    

C) Challenge: What studies were conducted to ensure the need for the safety equipment? How has the material developed over time for the given activity?

Persuade audience to purchase equipment to enhance safety and/or performance using VALID SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE.

Interactive Infographic/Poster

     or another creation tool

Must include the following:

Brief explanation of activity implementing Newton's Laws

Explain how chosen equipment is made to improve safety and performance

Persuade Audience to Purchase the Equipment using Scientific Evidence

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HOW TO Group Items and Link to video in Canva

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Softball Example     

Dance Example

Martial Arts



STARTING points for your research. 
Sports Equipment Starting Points
Friction Resource
Databases offer VALID information and already have CITATIONS
OMS Gale Global Issues
OMS Opposing View Points
Newspaper Source Plus
OMS Sirs Issue Researcher 
Change to Keyword
OMS Britannica
OMS World Book

Database Passwords

The password to access the passwords is our school mascot, plural and lowercase.